My Living Voice

My Living Voice (MLV) is a secure online platform that makes advance care planning and documentation simple and effective, grounded in clinical excellence. In just a few minutes, individuals can:

  • Choose a healthcare proxy
  • Express what matters most when making critical healthcare decisions
  • Indicate preferences for life-extending treatment
  • Create, download and share a digital Advance Directive

How It Works

Users can access MLV and update their advance directive at any time and are encouraged to do so as care preferences change. MLV is compliant with state-specific Advance Directive requirements.

Completion is encouraged through a series of email messages to keep the individual engaged and motivated throughout their advance care planning process. Once it is complete, the individual can digitally sign and share their personalized Advance Directive with their healthcare proxy, doctors, caregivers and others.

For complimentary access to the My Living Voice platform:


Self-Guided Online Experience

  • One quick, easy module
  • Values-based decision making algorithms
  • Basic Advance Directive (AD) completion: Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, Values
  • Sign, store and share document with proxy, medical team and others
  • Reminders to review and update over time
  • Informational tools to learn more


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