We’re becoming Evolent! The parent company of Vital Decisions, Evolent Health, is unifying its family under one name as one company with one focus.

for Providers

Fostering communication and clarity with your patients

Vital Decisions helps individuals and their families with Advance Care Planning and advanced illness decision-making. Whether it is planning for the unexpected or managing late life, our digital and telehealth solutions guide individuals to think through, document and communicate their personal preferences to ensure that their wishes are understood – now and in the future as a medical situation changes.

We help people complete an Advance Directive with a Living Will and designated Healthcare Proxy so that it is readily available when needed in a care setting.  Our highly-trained clinical Specialists encourage individuals to engage in Advance Care Planning and then work with them to deeply explore what matters most.  Our Care Alignment Coordinators educate on palliative care, hospice and other available services and make referrals for those individuals.

While we do not provide care or advise on care choices, we facilitate the difficult conversations and provide the online tools to help individuals and their families to be prepared, to have constructive dialogue and decision making with their providers, and to receive the care they prefer.  In doing so, providers have the documentation they need and have insight into patient values, concerns, needs and preferences.

Advance Care Planning and Alignment clarifies for providers:

  • how decisions will be made by and on behalf of a patient and by whom
  • the desired objective of care to be delivered (comfort vs. curative)
  • the site of care preferred (home vs. acute care facility)

Physician Support & Care Alignment

  • Fosters communication between members and their providers
  • Clarifies patient care wishes over the course of the patient’s remaining life
  • Instills confidence in the provider that the patient has gone through a process to examine what is most important to them as conditions change
  • Affirms that the patient has carefully considered and identified who their healthcare proxy is
  • Enables provider to most efficiently and compassionately attend to the patient’s needs, whether it be for curative care or referral to comfort care

For patients, Advance Care Planning and Alignment results in less stress and anxiety, greater family unity and a better quality of life. Families benefit from having a guide for decision-making that brings peace of mind in instances where their loved one can no longer make decisions for themselves.