Life’s most difficult conversations require a Specialist.

Since 2008, Vital Decisions has specialized in Advance Care Planning Behavioral Science, offering a customized program that integrates technology, interpersonal and family interventions to facilitate more effective advanced illness decision making.

Our company mission is to be the force, the catalyst in this country, to fundamentally change how individuals are cared for during an advanced illness. Each year we conduct over 30,000 unique patient engagements, making us by far the most experienced Advance Care Planning specialist in the country.

We seek to improve the inadequate or sometimes non-existent communication and decision making processes that occur among patients, families and physicians. Through our focused behavior change based methodology, Vital Decisions’ Specialists catalyze patients and families to become active in, and improve the quality of, their communication and decision making processes. The specific goal is for individuals to identify and communicate their quality of life priorities so these preferences serve as the basis for current and future health care decisions.

The result? A consistently more collaborative decision-making process that better reflects each individual’s deepest values and priorities, fewer unwanted treatments, and significantly reduced costs.