Guided Living Voice

Guided Living Voice (GLV) is a flexible offering that supports individuals in different ways.  It typically includes a single telephone/video session with a Vital Decisions Care Alignment Coordinator and a digital experience with our My Living Voice care planning platform.  The Coordinators proactively reach out to individuals to educate and connect them  to helpful services and resources and to encourage and support them in their advance care planning.

Individuals facing difficult illness, and their families, may not be aware of the services available to them or understand their benefits. They may not have thought about or expressed what matters most in terms of their values and preferences and how they align with the care they receive. They may be unsure how to select comfort care, such as palliative care, or when such services can be activated. Guided Living Voice helps address all of these concerns.

How it Works

  • Individuals are identified by Vital Decisions’ identification algorithms or by their health plan’s identification processes.
  • Care Alignment Coordinators outreach and engage the individual in a live phone or video session. Together they determine if any others (family, caregiver) should participate.
  • Participants explore the individual’s values and goals and how they might impact healthcare decisions
  • Care Alignment Coordinator assesses awareness and understanding of available services, such as palliative care, and if desired, educates the person about the services being discussed.
  • If appropriate and desired, the Coordinator refers the individual and family into those services.
  • Coordinator may also assist the individual in completing an Advance Directive via the My Living Voice platform.

Clinician-Guided Phone & Digital Sessions

  • Single telephone or video session
  • Awareness, education and referral (if desired) to palliative care, hospice or other services
  • Identification, assessment of readiness and early activation for Advance Care Planning
  • Assessment of personal goals and preferences for person-centered care
  • Access to My Living Voice for Healthcare Proxy, Advance Directive completion and storage


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