Tailored Solutions

Vital Decisions’ portfolio of digital and telehealth solutions overcome behavioral, emotional and healthcare system barriers to ensure that care delivered aligns with one’s values and preferences. Vital Decisions’ solutions include personalized discussions with highly trained clinical Specialists, discussions with and referrals by Care Alignment Coordinators to palliative care, hospice and other available health plan services, and online tools to document and share Advance Care Planning documents.

Living Well

Living Well is a specialized, clinician-guided, multi-session, advanced illness telehealth solution. Applying proprietary behavioral science methodologies, Masters-level clinical Specialists engage individuals and their families in shared care decision-making and communication to ensure alignment with personal preferences when facing advanced illness.


Guided Living Voice

Guided Living Voice (GLV) is a single-session, telehealth and digital experience in which a Care Alignment Coordinator engages with an individual on what matters most, educates and refers to goal concordant services available such as palliative care or hospice, and facilitates completion of an advance directive via the My Living Voice online platform.


My Living Voice

My Living Voice (MLV) is a self-guided, online, advance care planning digital health solution. The platform guides users to create an informed and legal advance directive document based on their values and preferences. Fast and easy to create, share and access, MLV sets a foundation for future planning that can be built upon over time.