We help patients facing Advanced Illness find their voice. It is important, vital work.

Your expertise can make a difference.

Vital Decisions specializes in Advance Care Planning Behavioral Science, offering a customized program that integrates technology, interpersonal and family interventions to facilitate more effective advanced illness decision-making. Our goal is to ensure that every individual receives care that is closely aligned with their quality of life preferences and values during these difficult illnesses. Each member of our team is passionate about this mission, and if you would like to be a part of it, please join us!

Our culture makes it work.

Our culture makes us unique and bonds our employees as an organization. We value transparency, communication, self-reflection, collaboration, diversity, and respect. These aren’t just values in a handbook; we see these values in everything we do, and take accountability for living them each day. We take ownership of the work we do and in helping shape and maintain our vibrant culture. Towards that end we have a variety of committees and focus groups designed to meet the needs of our diverse staff, and to make sure we’re always listening to their needs.