I Received a Letter/Call

Welcome to Vital Decisions.

We’re a healthcare organization that specializes in helping individuals facing complex or lasting illnesses match their life goals with their healthcare decisions. Our services are free to you as part of your benefits from your health plan. We help individuals explore, document and communicate their care preferences to loved ones and their medical team so that the care they receive always remains aligned with their wishes. We also provide information and connect you to additional support services available to you through your health plan.

When faced with a complex or advanced illness, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate your most personal values and priorities to the people around you — your family, your doctors and even your spouse. Vital Decisions provides a guide trained to help in these moments and helps to proactively plan, avoiding chaos in a crisis. A Team Member helps you think through and communicate what’s most important to you so you and your family can understand your goals now and confidently speak for you if needed in the future. The result is less stress and anxiety and greater peace of mind for you and your family.


We want to ensure your voice is heard, so please contact us at the number listed on your letter to schedule an appointment.

Watch this video to learn more about our services.