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Vital Decisions’ Programs

Some things are hard to think about, and even harder to talk about. We can help.

We understand the challenges that an individual and family face while managing an illness. Vital Decisions is a healthcare organization that helps individuals plan in advance for medical choices and communicate what matters most to the people who might be involved in that care.

As a benefit from your health plan, we provide online tools and a clinical guide who helps you think through, define, document and communicate your healthcare choices — now and in the future.

Our programs meet you where you are. In some cases, we can activate support services that you might not know are available from your health plan.  In other cases we can help you express your worries and anxiety, and advocate for the care you want. Together we’ll work to ensure that your goals are understood, communicated to your family and medical team, and reflected in your care plan.

Our goal is to ensure your best quality of life possible, as you define that, and to reduce stress and anxiety. We help you create and document your goals for living life. Consistently we see how these conversations unify families and care teams, and foster peace of mind for you and your loved ones.




Our Programs Help You to:

Have greater control

  • Explore and clarify your goals for healthcare and define what ‘living life’ means to you
  • Understand what is most important to you in terms of your values and preferences and how that should be reflected in your healthcare decisions
  • Consider the types of care you may or may not want now and in the future and how to access care options
  • Learn about additional support services available to you and how to access them

Increase or improve communication with medical providers

  • With our help, think ahead about questions you have for your medical team about your health and about treatment options
  • Put your wishes into an actionable plan
  • Better understand what services are available to you to aid with symptoms of an illness or medical treatments

Keep what’s important to you at the forefront

  • Consider the role others will play in your healthcare decision making
  • Understand your options for communicating your wishes
  • Consider changes in health you may experience and how your preferences may change over time
  • Ensure that what’s most important to you is reflected in your healthcare plan and services you receive

Communicate with your loved ones

  • By planning ahead for future medical care and communicating your wishes with loved ones, they are better able to understand the type of care you want and don’t want
  • This can reduce uncertainty or confusion about your treatment wishes

For family and friends

Sometimes an individual experiencing changes in health may prefer that a family member or friend participate in our programs with them or on their behalf. The goal remains the same – to ensure that the individual’s preferences are understood, communicated and reflected in the care they receive.  It’s to help understand available services and options and how to get connected to them.

What program participants have to say

“This program allowed me to stop and think so I could plan ahead before decisions were critical.”

“It got me to do something I should have done years ago.”

“It helped me focus on issues we needed to focus on – sometimes very difficult issues.”

Watch this video to learn more about how we can help.