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Ensuring your members’ care matches their preferences

Vital Decisions’ helps health plans support their entire membership through a suite of Advance Care Planning and Alignment programs that seamlessly complement and integrate with the plan’s own services.  Through our telehealth and digital solutions, we help members and their families clarify decision making, communicate and document their preferences to ensure the member’s care experience matches what is most important to them now and if a medical situation changes. In promoting care alignment, Vital Decisions works closely with health plans to refer individuals to palliative care, hospice and other available services.

In doing so, all those involved in the member’s care benefit:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Greater family unity
  • Better quality of life
  • Have a framework for decision-making
  • Greater peace of mind
Medical Team
  • Clarity of: Patient wishes
  • Decision process
  • Type of care to deliver
Health Plan
  • High member satisfaction
  • Better quality care
  • Lower cost of care

Alignment First and ForeverTM

The Advanced Care Alignment program acts as a hub, facilitating appropriate use of the health plan’s care delivery programs and benefits to ensure continuous alignment throughout a member’s care experience.

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Vital Decisions at a glance

  • Telehealth company with over 10 years of Advanced Illness Decision Making experience
  • Serve Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Retiree populations
  • Over 300,000 members and family members engaged across all 50 states
  • 3 national service centers and remote workforce
  • Proprietary advanced illness analytics, clinical intervention model and expertise
  • Recognized as a best practice in improving care in late life by Stanford Medicine’s Clinical Excellence Research Center

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lower cost for better care


fewer Inpatient & ER visits

4.6 of 5

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