Vital Decisions’ Appeal to the Nation: Every American Should Have a Healthcare Proxy

This National Healthcare Decisions Day, Choose Who Will Stand By You

Edison, New Jersey – April 1, 2021 – Who will stand by you, if life takes an unexpected turn?  Your healthcare proxy can be your voice if you’re unable to make your own decisions. Choosing a healthcare proxy can be the most important part of a healthcare decision plan.

In honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16, Vital Decisions appeals to all Americans to take a moment and designate a healthcare proxy.  For guidance on how to take action, visit

“As we begin marking the anniversaries of COVID-19 milestones, we take stock of what we’ve lost and what we’ve learned,” said Leah Puccio, Vital Decisions CEO.  “We are all vulnerable. We have a responsibility to those who will stand by us when life takes an unexpected turn, to ensure they are never left to wonder if they made the right decision in our final hour. Choose a healthcare proxy and have a conversation with them today.”

When chosen, know that being someone’s healthcare proxy is a position of honor.  The ability to know what matters to someone and to steer decisions on their behalf in a medical crisis is consistently associated with them receiving care that’s aligned with their preferences, improves their quality of life and creates greater satisfaction for the individual and their family. Having these conversations early — before the pressures of health complications or a medical crisis — has a meaningful impact on the care experience.

Pick a Proxy & Plant a Tree

Vital Decisions is on a mission to ensure everyone has a healthcare proxy, and to plant 1000 trees in honor of these vital relationships. Trees represent the strong and stable force that a healthcare proxy can play in someone’s life.  A healthcare proxy breathes life into your plan.

Throughout the month of April, Vital Decisions will plant a tree in honor of every proxy named through My Living Voice, the free online advance care planning tool.

Join The Campaign

Many organizations and stakeholders share our mission to change healthcare decision making, at scale, so that one’s care is aligned with one’s wishes.  We invite organizations to amplify this message, and individuals to share our important call to action.  Join the list of partners supporting this campaign and help make a difference.