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Employee Spotlight – Priya Sathiamoorthy

Priya started with Vital Decisions in March 2020, she serves as our Business Intelligence Report Developer. In her role she works on the data side — pulling data, ensuring its accuracy, and providing reports to help support our clients better. She earned her Master’s in Computers in India. She loves the beach and hiking equally, but not as much as her family. She’s the mom to a second grader, in this role she’s also responsible for his 2 pets!

 ☀  How has your background or culture/heritage shaped how you show up in this work or view Advance Care Planning? 

In Asian Indian Culture, We don’t have much awareness about Advance Care Planning. Since working here and becoming more familiar with Advance Care Planning and I think it would be better if my relatives and everyone less familiar had more knowledge on the subject.


</p> <p><p/></p> <p>☀  What brought you to Vital Decisions?

I worked in healthcare in the past, but Advance Care Planning wasn’t a topic I was familiar with, and it seemed like an interesting opportunity.


☀  What makes Vital Decisions different than any other organization you’ve been a part of?

The culture: They’re not just open to new ideas but actually implement them.

The Balance:  The work/personal life balance was something I was not accustom to at previous jobs.


☀  What brings meaning or joy to your work?

Many different reasons, like; having a good mentor, my team being open-minded, work/life balance, the fact that I’m recognized for the contributions I give, and there are new things to learn every day. What pushes me most is that I adapt to each new assignment and the people I work with—the opportunity to share my views.


☀  What’s one thing you’d want a potential candidate to know about Vital Decisions?

It’s an excellent workplace where you can show your creative side. Vital Decisions impacts the lives of those with advanced illnesses and their families, and you can be part of that impact.