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Employee Spotlight – Karlota Louimet

Karlota started with Vital Decisions in 2021 with the Navigator Program. She’s recently joined our Living Well Program as a Specialist. She’s got an extensive educational background: A Master’s in Counseling from Cairn University, Bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey, an Associate’s from Mercer Community College, and in 2018, she attended Misericordia University and received specialized education in the field of drug and alcohol counseling. She’s a certified Master Addiction Counselor. Prior to working at Vital Decisions, she worked as a Therapist providing services to children, young adults and families at a community mental health clinic. Karlota has been married to the love of her life for 20 years. Karlota is the mother to two awesome boys that are affectionately called “Dede and Jojo”.

☀  How has your background or culture/heritage shaped how you show up in this work or view Advance Care Planning? 

I am a Haitian American. Within the Haitian culture, although often not talked about, the concept of death is believed to be a sacred passage “to a better life.” I have the privilege of talking to clients about this sensitive topic.

☀  What brought you to Vital Decisions?

I was very impressed with the company’s mission to ensure that the individual’s voice is heard and validated. Often, clients do not have the opportunity or feel empowered to have a voice in their treatment/care.

☀  What makes Vital Decisions different than any other organization you’ve been a part of?

While I have had the opportunity to work for various agencies; what sets Vital Decisions apart is its commitment to helping clients make their end-of-life care preferences clear and accessible.

☀  What brings meaning or joy to your work?

I enjoy helping others. Having the opportunity to help clients think and process specific elements surrounding his or her healthcare decisions; for me, it is a gift that has profound meaning.

☀  What’s one thing you’d want a potential candidate to know about Vital Decisions?

Support from management is superb!!!! I am amazed by the support I have received from my coworkers and management.