We’re becoming Evolent! The parent company of Vital Decisions, Evolent Health, is unifying its family under one name as one company with one focus.

Leadership Team

Bethany Cardillo

Bethany Cardillo

VP, Clinical Learning and Development

Bethany Cardillo plays a critical role in Vital Decisions’ greatest asset: The skills and compassion of our people. Combining her two professional passions — for behavioral health and for education — Bethany creates opportunities for our workforce to engage in high-value learning and purposeful career development. Since joining Vital in 2017, she has shaped our systems to support continuous professional development and enhance our effectiveness as an organization. Rooted in curriculum development expertise and learning theory, Bethany has built an innovative onboarding process for our remote clinical workforce, implemented e-learning and certification programs, and drives employee engagement activities to foster cultural connection in a nation-wide company.

Bethany is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and a MA in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology. Prior to joining Vital Decisions, she held several leadership roles in community behavioral health services along with being a Consultant/Trainer and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology.