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Employee Spotlight – Will Soto

Interview conducted by: Brooke Davidson, Specialist

As the User Support Manager, Will is the go-to guy for any technical issue. Will is a staple at Vital Decisions. He is efficient, patient, humble, and thoughtful. We are incredibly lucky to have him.

☀ What brought you to Vital Decisions?
After 9 years in retail heading a Geek Squad team, I had the option to take a
promotion or severance. I chose to part ways in order to seek a better work life
balance. In the job search, I came across and fell in love with the mission of Vital
Decisions. My family had lost 2 matriarchs both with no advance care planning completed. This caused issues between siblings; it split my family up. The losses motivated me to have discussions with my own family about my wishes.

☀ Tell me about the progression of your role at Vital Decisions.
I was hired in the summer of 2014 as the Help Desk Analyst for the Cherry Hill office. A year later, I was promoted to User Support Manager. I’ve had the opportunity to observe and have a hand in the development of each office- San Diego, White Plains, Edison, and Cherry Hill. I also supervise others in the department as part of my role.

☀ How do you find meaning in your work? What brings you to work every day?
I’m proud of the people I work with every day. I value the conversations we have with our clients. I appreciate the opportunity to help coworkers do their best by keeping call quality intact. I strive to be a better listener and leader in order to take on new challenges.

☀ Your role is different and comes with unique challenges that set it apart from other roles at Vital Decisions. What are some the things that have made you successful?
Two things, my ability to empathize and second, the company’s support. The readiness of my team to help find resolutions; I don’t always have to create solutions on my own. My supervisor is willing to put in the time and is always there for me. Also, my team members want to learn; I am hungry to learn as well.

☀ What makes Vital Decisions different than any other organization you’ve been a part of?
The emphasis on work/life balance and self-care; I get to take on new challenges daily. Most importantly, this is a company that cares about the work you do. I feel able to be successful when there are good people around me.

What Will’s Co-Workers Say About Him

Irene Dougherty
Irene Dougherty
“Will is kind, caring, and so patient. You can go to him with any tech issue
and he’ll solve it and never make you feel like your issue was a waste of his time. He’s the best!”
“Will is a consummate professional. He balances technical system expertise
with stellar customer service. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever
worked with – he’s smart, humble, reliable, and empowers those he supports.
He’s the kind of IT person you want in your company forever.”
Tracy Brubaker
Tracy Brubaker
Megan Dorosz
Megan Dorosz
“Will is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met.
He always greets my silly questions or problems with a smile
and a fast solution. He is so kind and supportive and
I’d be technologically lost without him.”
“Working with Will has made for an easy transition. He’s a go-to-guy who knows and understands the day to day nuances and always will try another approach to provide help and assurance to those that need it.”
Olando Berry
Olando Berry