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Employee Spotlight – Sheena Desai

Interview conducted by: Brooke Davidson, Specialist

Sheena, who’s now the Senior Marketing Coordinator, has been playing a larger role
behind the scenes at Vital Decisions since 2013. Not only is she working with colleagues throughout the organization to develop a comprehensive and cohesive way to share information about Vital Decisions, Sheena is keeping us up to date on Vital Decisions matters. She maintains our corporate website, social media platforms, brainstorms ways to keep offices connected, and leaves nuggets of her lighthearted, positive energy wherever she goes.

☀What brought you to Vital Decisions?
I came to Vital Decisions through a temp agency. This was my first job out of Rutgers with a Bachelors in Communications.

☀Tell me about the progress of your career at Vital Decisions
I started as a temp back in 2013, where I had to do a lot of data entry of our health plan member referral files (Luckily I only had to do this for about 2 months before an automated process came in.) Our CEO, Leah Puccio was Director of Operations at the time, and she saw that I had the abilities to do more than data entry and she hired me as an Operations Coordinator. In this role, I was able to work on the creation of our first CARE CRM database, as well as assist in referral assignments for our Specialist organization. I also got to interact with the Case Managers at our health plan partners to help them navigate our Case Management portal. It was a job that gave me a lot of opportunity to collaborate internally as well as externally with our health plan partners. I was asked what my passion was coming out of school, and I said I was passionate about marketing. Luckily my supervisor at the time put me in touch with our head of marketing, and I was given the opportunity to work on a rebranding project. Through that project I was able to build a rapport, and eventually a job opened up as Marketing Coordinator in 2014, and I guess you can say the rest was history! Here I am growing and learning every day in the marketing role! Since then, I was promoted to Sr. Marketing Coordinator.

☀What attributes to your success at Vital Decisions?
My success is attributed to the people I work with. At Vital Decisions, we truly believe that collaboration is key to our success. I can’t put out a good product without the team. There are always new things to learn in marketing and sales, and it’s great to partner with other departments on projects such as Recruiting. Rolling with the changes that come from a growing organization has also helped make me be successful.

☀What makes Vital Decisions different than any other organization you’ve been a part of?
If you are willing to work hard and talk about the growth you are looking for, Vital Decisions will work with you to get you where you want to be.

☀What brings you to work every day?
Aside from the actual work, it’s that I get to work on something different every day. Because it is a project based job with a small department, people want to hear your ideas. It allows for creative freedom within brand guidelines.

☀What’s been your biggest accomplishment in your career?
So far, my biggest accomplishment has been working hard to make sure that people in the corporate office have a point person in Marketing they can talk to. I like to engage with others and have connectedness throughout the office. I’ve achieved a lot of success here. My hope is that I can teach what I’ve learned to others.

☀What advice would you give to colleagues looking to progress at VD?
Vital Decisions is an open company and leaders are willing to talk about where you want to grow and what is important to you. They work with you to help develop you to get you where you want to be. The process does not happen overnight. It takes time to get you where you want to be. Keep the lines of communication open and work with your mentors around what is important to you. They will support and guide you with the steps to get you there.