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Employee Spotlight – Michael Naughton

Interview conducted by: Brooke Davidson, Specialist

Michael joined the Vital Decisions team back in 2013. Michael is currently a follow-up Specialist at the Edison office (working solely with members who have already engaged in the Living Well Program). He has continued to develop his craft over the past 6 years, working to strengthen clinical skills in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive Advance Care Planning program.

☀ What brought you to Vital Decisions?
I was looking to do direct care and Vital Decisions provided a unique opportunity to
provide direct care with a new population. I had been providing psychotherapy in a partial hospital program. Then I managed the psychiatric ER screening center and inpatient forensic unit for 5 years, which was a 24 hour responsibility.

☀ What makes Vital Decisions different than any other organization you’ve been a part of?
Vital Decisions puts an emphasis on making things right. They provide the best environment possible to support employee satisfaction which allows us to focus on our clients. The company also supports work/life balance which further ensures we are available for our work and able to care for ourselves.

☀ Tell me about the progress of your career at Vital Decisions
I started my career at Vital Decisions doing both engagement and follow up sessions. I wore both hats for about 3 years, until an opportunity opened up where I could solely focus on follow up sessions. I found I could continue to utilize my clinical skills and hone in on them in this specialized role.

☀ What brings you to work every day?
I feel productive and successful when I help clients work through the program. I enjoy connecting with members who express feeling the impact. When a client says thank you or “you called at just the right time” I am reminded of the deep impact of my work.

☀ What attributes to your success at Vital Decisions?
Flexibility with changes, being consistent with outreach, and a strong work ethic has helped with my success. I am hard working, consistent and a creature of habit. Being in the follow up role allows me to focus on clinical work, without having to switch gears.

☀ What advice would you give to your colleagues or potential colleagues at Vital Decisions?
Coming from a direct care setting it can be challenging to adjust. It just takes time. Vital Decisions is in constant evolution so being willing to grow is always helpful. I would also advise to be easy on yourself, things have a way of working themselves out.

☀ What’s been your biggest accomplishment of your career?
I’ve been successful both within direct care and as an administrator. I am proud being able to have different kinds of success within different positions. Overall, I am proud of the career I’ve had as each role teaches you something.