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Employee Spotlight – Jean Mugisha

Interview conducted by: Brooke Davidson

“Jean has a tremendous intellect and an incredible data sciences tool kit. Since joining Vital Decisions, Jean has effectively transformed how we demonstrate our impact and value to our payer clients by developing and applying entirely new processes that utilize cutting edge approaches for assessing program effect while minimizing regression to the mean or selection bias. Working at times very independently and at other times highly collaboratively, Jean has proven himself to be a strong thought leader for solving problems and developing new innovations, as well as a highly productive team member producing a high volume of quality analytics for internal and external stakeholders. I really appreciate his calm, cool, and collected demeanor, the way he cares for and supports his colleagues, and his enthusiasm for our mission and work. I am very fortunate to have Jean as a friend and colleague and Vital is very fortunate to have Jean as a data sciences expert.”

– Tracy Korman, SVP Product & Analytics

☀ You have a unique role at Vital Decisions; what are some the things that have made you successful?

What makes me most successful is being flexible with tasks and the people I work with. Vital Decisions has a mission to serve people during very vulnerable times in life and to help make those times easier. The mission made my transition to Vital Decisions clear; it confirmed what I was looking for, to work for a company I could get behind personally to serve a mission that reaches people right where they are.  It is a testament to Vital Decisions leadership who has the vision to propel us as a powerhouse provider of  Advance Care Planning and Care Alignment services. As a member of our Senior Leadership Team I can see what’s happening in company and get an idea of company goals. Being part of this team helps me get out of my bubble and inspires me in my role!

☀ Tell me about the progression of your role at Vital Decisions:

I joined the analytics team at Vital Decisions in 2019, which was part of an effort to bring analytics in-house. I joined Vital Decisions as a Data Scientist helping to shape our predictive model, which helps us connect with and serve the right people at the right time. I also work on program evaluations for the insurance companies we partner with in order to demonstrate that the Living Well program as strong value and positively impacts our members along with our health plan client base.

☀ What’s been your biggest accomplishment in your career at Vital Decisions

Being able to move the program evaluation process in house and seeing that my work is helping members achieve a higher quality of care that helps those facing difficult medical conditions.

☀ What advice would you give to colleagues looking to progress at Vital Decisions?

This is a good industry making an impact on the lives of those living with chronic or advance illness and lives of their families. Follow your passion and be comfortable with yourself. Come with a good heart and do your best. Be flexible.

Julie Moloney, VP Client Services
Julie Moloney, VP Client Services
Jean has a great ability to take the complex analyses that he and the Analytics team have worked on and break it down so non-analytical folks can understand it. This is a key asset that not everyone possesses and he does it well and with ease.

It has been such a welcomed gift to have Jean on the team. Jean is a wonderful team player, works extremely hard, and is innovative in thought and practice. Jean’s contributions to the GLV program will only further elevate our impact with the clients and families we serve. Beyond this, I am grateful for the opportunity I had to meet with Jean and learn more about his passion to give back to at-risk youth and volunteer his services to introduce marginalized groups to the industry of data science. It’s beyond commendable and Jean is more than deserving of this recognition.
Markita Billups, VP Living Voice Operations
Markita Billups, VP Living Voice Operations
Tracy Brubaker, Chief Operations Officer
Tracy Brubaker, Chief Operations Officer
Jean has been instrumental in the advancement of our analytic capabilities! He is a winning team member, a brilliant thinker, and creative in solution finding. His work keeps us on the cutting edge of being able to demonstrate the impact and value of our services for member populations. Thank you Jean!