My avocation is Counselor; I earned my MA at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ. At the core of my being lives a servant, an inquisitor/investigator, a healer. My belief in the individual’s ability to seek and find their own solutions and in the resilience of the human spirit has been renewed. I deeply embrace the idea that inside each of us is a map for self- actualization, and that unconditional positive regard is the path which is lit by the lamppost of compassion. I am often struck by the beauty of the mind; its glorious gifts and its capacity for pain. Far from pathology, I understand that pain, denial and uncertainty are at times a nemesis, and at other times, a dance partner; ultimately they are a trainer that lead to a passage of healing and release. Through my work here at Vital Decisions I have a greater understanding of and compassion for myself and for the humanity of others. My silent hope is that any life I enter has been enriched because of and for having known me.