My desire to work with individuals facing advanced illnesses stems from my dad’s experience with his own illness.  My dad was a proud man, who was fiercely protective of his two daughters.  When he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he told the family that the lobectomy was successful and that he was cancer free. It wasn’t until six months later when he fell gravely ill and was put on hospice, that we learned that his cancer had metastasized. It was difficult to think of my dad, alone in his fears and decisions, and so I decided that I wanted to provide help to others so that they could find their voice and advocate for their care. I find my work at Vital Decisions extremely rewarding and uplifting. I gain so much energy listening to the beautiful stories of the truly brave people with whom I work. These individuals are making decisions that reflect what is most important to them and finding their gifts in the midst of their challenges.