I’m so grateful to have found Vital Decisions. When I first saw the job description for the Specialist role I did a double take.  There aren’t too many companies out there that offer great benefits and the work life balance that this company offers. However aside from that, there is an even bigger purpose in my journey that led to Vital Decisions. The role of being there for others who are facing challenging medical situations is something I was comfortable with even before I began here. My nana and great uncle had been a big part of my life. Our frequent phone calls would make their days. Now I have the privilege of calling other people’s beloved family members and hearing their thoughts and stories as they move forward to the next chapter of their lives. Communicating with my clients isn’t work for me but an honor and a joy. After reading about each of our specialists on our website and learning their stories, I realized I have a lot in common with these helpers. As someone who has worked with many types of people in both the public and private sector, I was immediately impressed with the comfort level I experienced at Vital Decisions. Finally I found a company that understands what a working person needs to be successful, feel appreciated, and keep motivated.