Vital Decisions Highlighted in Brookings Institute Paper on “Disruptive Entrepreneurship Transforming U.S. Health Care”

Vital Decisions has been featured in Brookings Institute’s recently published paper examining how disruptive entrepreneurship is positively impacting U.S. health care market.

The paper chronicles various startup companies, including Vital Decisions, and how they are improving the quality and value of care that is provided by the country’s health care delivery system. In addition, the paper examines the market forces behind these innovative companies as well as the role that the financial community plays in fostering their development.

Vital Decisions’ focus on ensuring that the care which an individual receives highly aligns with their values and priorities has demonstrated significant quality improvements for patients and their families while simultaneously, as an unintended benefit, improving the efficiency by which care is delivered. Their innovative counseling program, which allows individuals to overcome the obstacles that typically prevent effective communication and decision making among patients, families and physicians, has been widely recognized and praised as an example of a service that facilitates the industry’s movement to a more patient centered care approach

CEO Mitchell Daitz says, “While many years in the making, this is an exciting time to be part of an industry undergoing a transformation that will ultimately provide individuals with higher quality and more valuable care across their lives. We look forward to continuing to work with our health care plan partners to bring additional innovative health services to individuals throughout the country.”

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About Vital Decisions

Headquartered in Edison, NJ, Vital Decisions specializes in facilitating more effective Personal Advanced Illness Decision Making by working closely with individuals and families to ensure each patient’s priorities and values are understood and honored. The company’s program integrates technology and interpersonal interventions across diverse populations, resulting in a more collaborative decision-making process that better reflects individual preferences, fewer unwanted treatments, and significantly reduced costs.

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